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What a fabulous & concise commentary on religion. Be sure to read the whole post at http://tinyurl.com/n4wmcn.

I was lucky to never really have been indoctrinated into religion, except as much as it’s simply ubiquitous in our culture. Even so, I went through my own awakening as a result of being in a relationship with someone who was involved in AA’s 12-step program.

I also became involved in Al-Anon, and therefore started really thinking about the question of a higher power. I just could never resolve that satisfactorily, and I couldn’t get around it, so I left Al-Anon and continued my searching and analysis of religion in general.

It’s become a subject I’m endlessly fascinated by, but purely from a psychological, sociological, and historical perspective. Basically, the more I find out about the major religions, the more horrified I am that people continue to propagate these archaic & delusional beliefs.

It really encourages me to see that people can overcome this kind of indoctrination and begin to think for themselves. Maybe there’s hope for the world, after all.

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the BEattitude

Happy are those who ask questions.

Losing my religion. Why I recently walked away from Christianity.

I was planning to write up a detailed story about my Christian life and the recent rejection of my faith. But my goal is not to build a case to prove I believed in God or to demonstrate how good of a Christian I was. I did truly believe in God for most of my life and worshiped and prayed to him daily. I believed he was at work in my life at all times and using me to touch other people’s lives.

So you might be wondering what changed.

The change was a culmination of things that I could no longer ignore. Faith is belief in the unseen and unprovable, but still requires a foundation for that faith. With the countless religions of the world, I began to question why the god of the Bible is more believable than all other gods worshiped on earth. With the mountain of evidence staring me in the face, my faith began to die.

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Fag Fear

Let's abolish Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If the U.S. military isn't afraid of anything else, why should they be so afraid of The Gay?

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