The Egalitarian eReader

After several months reviewing all the major eBook readers, I've decided to get a Nook. These are my reasons:

  1. The Nook's book format is ePub, which is a commonly shared format used by lots of places. Amazon's format is completely proprietary, so you can pretty much only use them on a Kindle, and the Kindle doesn't let you get eBooks from as many places.
  2. The Nook lets you loan books you've downloaded for up to 14 days. You can even share them with friends who don't have a Nook, since you can download the software to a PC, Mac, iPad, etc. {I've since read that the ability to share a book is determined by the publisher, and that not many books allow it. However, the Nook still makes it possible for those where sharing is permitted.}
  3. Barnes & Noble lets you read books for free in their stores for an hour at a time, using their free WiFi. You also get coupons for stuff in their stores, including the coffee shop.
  4. B&N has 2 million books available, compared to Amazon's approximately 700,000. They also have lots of free ones.
  5. From everything I've read, the Nook does a better job of supporting PDF files, which lets you load your own documents on it. I really like this for stuff like user manuals & knitting patterns.
  6. You can highlight text and add notes in all their supported formats, as far as I know. I don't know if the Kindle supports that same feature.
  7. Apparently the Kindle doesn't even let you change the battery yourself. According to this review on Amazon, you have to mail your Kindle in to Amazon, and they send you back a different, "refurbished" one.
  8. They never sell you a book & then take it off your device when they find out they didn't have the copyright, or when they decide it's too "erotic", like Amazon has recently.
  9. Lastly, Barnes & Noble didn't publish "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure". That might not be all that pertinent to the eReader, but it's still a count against Amazon for me. Also, if they're going to start practicing mass censorship, they should just focus on things like that.
All in all, the main reasons I prefer the Nook are philosophical. The Nook & Kindle might be comparable technically, but the Nook seems to be the more egalitarian choice.

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