Parlez-vous Google?

A friend of mine sent me this Google translation of a French travel postcard:

Come to slacken in family on the immense fine sand beach.

Let you surprise by the richness of nature where paths of walks and cycle tracks curve which will carry out you along the ponds, paradise of the fishermen and the walkers.

To the wire of water, plunge in the tropical forest of an exceptional site:
the natural reserve of the Current of Huchet.
You give pleasure and live your passions on one of most beautiful
golf of Europe dominating the ocean.

Appreciate the joys of the beach with surfing, the kite, the beach-volleyball and the pleasure of the bathe. Practise tennis on the many courts, seek strong feelings on the skate park or the forest walk of quads.

Enjoy our festivals and live at the rate/rhythm of our traditions.
Let you carry by the environment of the Moors.

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