Jesus on a Unicorn

Jesus on a Unicorn
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Okay, here's my crude 1st attempt at cropping & pasting Jesus on a unicorn. Jesus on a dinosaur has sort of knocked the wind out of my sails.

I have also found out that even this is not an original idea. See Jesus Rides a Unicorn on MySpace.

To make it worse, apparently the unicorn appears in one or more translations of the bible, and is thought by some to have existed in the garden of Eden. Great holy hooey.

I guess it's time for me to get to work on the Mad Hatter's Last Supper.

P.S. In my quest to create this image, a friend of mine turned me on to:

GIMP - Free

I highly recommend this as one of the coolest graphics editors ever. I was able to create and save this image in less than two minutes after installing the program. Plus, it's free! I'm all about the free.

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