The bad menu translation fries the idea powder

hilarious menu 4
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"Fry the sauce."

If you insist.

"The pig picks the noodle soup."

Good choice, pig.

"Meal egg soup. The brisket gets the river powder."

Hey, what if the pig wanted the river powder?

"Slippery chicken in mushroom gruel."

Well, the chicken should have looked where it was going.

"The black cow silk fries the idea powder."

I never knew that black cow silk could cook!

"The day type fries the black winter."

I've heard that Prozac helps.

"Three silks fry the of."

They fry the what of what?

"Fuck to burn the of."

Excuse me for asking!

"Fuck to fry the cow river."

Oh! Well, I'll take that to go.

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